From the Cape to the Congo and onward to Cairo, Africa is a continent that affords a traveler endless possibilities for adventure. Trekking silverbacks? Check. Whitewater rafting? Check. World-class wines and gourmet cuisine? Check and check! Spectacular sunsets and mind-blowing starry nights bookend each day like a gorgeous little present simply dying to be unwrapped. You’ll never be at a loss for something to see and do — and eat! From the storm-tossed seas of Cape Point all the way up to the fabled Nile River, from the vast Sahara Desert to the Ethiopian Highlands, from the Serengeti to the Skeleton Coast, the possibilities for adventure are truly limitless. Welcome to Africa!

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Weird Science: Unwrapping a Mummy

Encased in temperature-controlled glass cabinets, mummies are often a star attraction at some of ...
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Done and (Mostly) Dusty: Egypt Edition

Somewhere between Cairo and Paris, it became Sunday, at which point I became acutely ...
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Gimme Five! Safari by the Numbers

Safari is a year-round adventure and the planning process is exciting!   Africa is ...
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Giraffe Manor: The Most Incredible Bucket List Breakfast on Earth!

A stunningly beautiful 1930s manor house turned all-inclusive boutique hotel, Giraffe Manor is set ...
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Five Wild-Ass Facts About Zebras

Africa’s answer to the horse, its iconic stripes make the zebra easy to identify. ...
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