The Nile River

Weird Science: Unwrapping a Mummy

Encased in temperature-controlled glass cabinets, mummies are often a star attraction at some of the world’s greatest museums. For centuries, mummies were viewed as nothing more than money-making commodities. Thankfully, attitudes have drastically shifted. But what exactly is a mummy? The mummy of Rameses I as displayed at Luxor Museum, Luxor, Egypt. The word ‘mummy’ refers to […]

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Done and (Mostly) Dusty: Egypt Edition

Somewhere between Cairo and Paris, it became Sunday, at which point I became acutely aware that my Grand Egyptian Adventure was over. And, in case I needed a not-so-subtle reminder, the cold winds of Western Europe slapped me across the face for good measure as I stepped out of Charles de Gaulle and into my taxi.

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