“Embracing Adventure: My Journey to Claus Van Bülow – Chapter Two of My Social-Free Summer”

Deciding to buy a van was not a last-minute, ill-conceived notion. In fact, after Hurricane Michael literally split our Winnebago in half, I’d been hoping to replace her. I bought Winnie for my birthday in September 2007 and loved her like the devil. Seeing her split in two whole pieces broke my heart — but not my spirit.

🚐 While everyone else was stampeding RV dealerships during COVID, I spent those years taking advantage of some wonderful opportunities traveling abroad. Secretly, though, I was a bit jealous of everyone traveling the country in their RVs. Over the years, Mike and I had made some really wonderful memories with Winnie; and, since 10 October 18, I’ve been quietly waiting for the time, prices and supply choices to be just right. For me, that time came on 4 July 23. Independence Day. How extremely extra 😏

🚐 Ever watch Shark Tank? Remember those two guys, David and Brett, who were looking for a shark to help them grow their custom camper van business, Boho? Guess what? They got a shark: Barbara! On the Fourth of July, they landed a new client: Me!

🚐 Geographically, this has been quite the experience. Boho is based in Tempe. When I reached out to them, I was half a world away. Plus, I didn’t actually have a van. But you know who did have a van? Chapman Dodge in Scottsdale. For the first time in my life, I bought a brand new vehicle, sight unseen.

🚐 Claus Van Bülow is going to be the most spectacular, most insanely-fabulous camper van in the entire world! Last week, we final-finaled the plans for Claus and he should be in production within the next couple of weeks. Claus will be bougie bad-ass. He’ll have a fixed bed, a sectional sofa with a chaise lounge, a full kitchen and bathroom. I expect to pick him up in late January or February.

🚐 America, you have been warned.

🚐 While I’m at it, Italy, you’re on notice, too. Soon, I arrive in Florence and will spend six weeks running amok amok amok, taking full advantage of the last overseas trip before Claus and I roll across North America, terrorizing y’all’s neighborhoods. Happy Halloween Eve. Boo! 🚐 👻


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