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It’s a Good Day to Bombay: My Day with the Dabbawallas!
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How to Camp on The Mall (Or Die Trying)
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Drowned, Decapitated and Drop-Dead Crazy: The Island of the Dolls
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Weird Science: Unwrapping a Mummy
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Gimme Five! Safari by the Numbers
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Castles in the Sky: Your Fairytale Guide to Portugal!
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Hungry Like the Wolf: My Search for the Best Black Forest Cake in the Black Forest!
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Hi! I’m Sandy, a fierce Virgo with a serious case of wanderlust that is rivaled only by an equally spectacular case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I’m Native Texan to the bone, although I was actually born in the Black Forest under a gibbous moon. Speaking of black, I love black licorice, black crystals and black humor.


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Giraffe Manor: The Most Incredible Bucket List Breakfast on Earth!

A stunningly beautiful 1930s manor house turned all-inclusive boutique hotel, Giraffe Manor is set within an indigenous forest where critically-endangered Rothschild’s giraffes roam freely.  The ...

Five Wild-Ass Facts About Zebras

Africa’s answer to the horse, its iconic stripes make the zebra easy to identify. Black, white and adorable all over, zebras are half horse, half ...

Get Lucky: The Right Way to Rub a Statue

People build statues of heroes. The Greeks built statues of Hercules and Adonis.  The British built statues of Nelson and Churchill.  The Egyptians, Colossi of ...

All the Queen’s Men: Right Royal Facts About the Queen’s Guard

Dressed in their iconic red coats and bearskin hats, the Queen’s Guard exemplifies classic British pomp and no visit to London would be complete without ...

The Daily Journal

Ban Ka Long Train Station

Bangkok, Thailand

24 Dec 22, 4:14 p.m.
Christmas Eve finds me on the outskirts of Bangkok. Broadly speaking, I’m about 50 miles outside Bangkok’s city center. Specifically speaking, I’m standing at the Ban Ka Long train station on my way to the so-called Life-Risking Market. Yes, you read that correctly. Life-Risking Market. Naturally, I have to investigate

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