Why van life and why now

Van life appeals equally to our romantic and adventurous sides, doesn’t it?   Romantic because the idea of waking up to breathtaking landscapes while sipping a cup of tea with no particular plans is the stuff of dreams.  Adventurous because roaming the open road, with or without a specific destination in mind, means we never know who we might meet, what we might see and sometimes even where we might spend the night.

Powerful stuff.

For me, deciding which van to buy was the easy part.  But designing a layout was a bit more challenging.  Conversions can vary greatly.  From electrical systems to which plumbing system is right for you, the choices are endless!   And, frankly, it’s easy to become overwhelmed — even paralyzed — by the number of options available.  I knew I wanted to build something insanely comfortable, functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing for life on-the-go.

And I knew I could not do this by myself.  Enter Boho Camper Vans!

Berlin, Germany

Origin Story

After spending years and years catching flights all over the world, last year I made the decision to change it up a bit.  To slow it down some.  To spend a lot more time seeing my own country and spend a lot less time in airports.

During lockdown, most Americans were overcrowding state and national parks.  Not me.  I wanted to stay as far away from the madness as possible.  During those same Covid years, I took advantage of countless opportunities to travel abroad.  The second half of 2020 found me in Europe.  Africa called in 2021 and I spent that year traveling from Cape Town to Cairo.  2022 found me in Central and South America.  And I spent a solid half of 2023 exploring Asia.

It was fabulous and I don’t regret a single minute of it!   But then Revenge Travel threw a wrench into my travels abroad and it became obvious that it was time for me to switch it up a bit.

I had a budget of $80,000 set aside to cover all of our van conversion costs, excluding the purchase of the van itself. I thought it would be easy, but costs and upgrades add up fast!  My primary goal was to get it done as quickly as possible to start enjoying.

But sometimes things take a little bit longer than we plan…

The Van

Insulation + Subflooring

Storage + Flooring


Garage + Electrical Systems

Rooftop Deck + Solar

Before + After

Extra Extras!

Bare Bones

Sectional Sofa + Storage


We have almost every kind of tool back in South Carolina so purchasing new tools was painful. We decided to use as few as we could get away with here. The only other tool we already had with us and didn’t have to purchase is a drill. It’s important to budget in your tools because all the little (and big) things add up quickly.

Exterior Upgrades

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